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How to Get Rid of Common Household Pests

One day while tending the garden, my husband found something flecked on the inside of a glass bowl filled half with water. It smelt like rotten eggs. It got our attention immediately because it was a indentation close to the bowl sides. It was a black mold sitting at the bottom of a glass bowl that had dripped water on the edge.

While the following steps might sound easy and obvious, people often just turn a blind eye or ignore them. If one or more of the following tips does work for you, you can take pride in owning a home free of household pests:

Follow pest fumigation directions carefully

I know you are busy and you want to get rid of your bugs but if they are those pesky black mold house darkness bugs, the pests will only grow back to the original mass. Cover, water and seal the seams of the glass in your house to get rid of leaks. – noted a pest control specialist from Wild Wild Pest Control San Diego.

Keep studying up on your pest magazine

Pest control magazines can help to keep pests away. You can even tape a piece of paper on the glass bowl to obscure the door but keep your paper peeled off when you come back in. Cover a light bulb so insects don’t know you are watching them.

Dispose of your old stuff!

Tying up the house with unwanted items is stressful even if that stuff is unsalable. Have a “pile-off” day once or twice a year and get rid of everything you don’t need. Be honest — if you haven’t used something in the past 6 months, you probably won’t use it again.

Wash those dirty Tech gadgets

Tuck away your digital camera, remote controls and other electronic devices. Keeping these devices clean and away from kids and pets is not just easier to clean, but it is also easier to keep your home corners clean. How so? You don’t have to go hunting and sitting in the same spot each time you have a party over! Instead, pick up electronic gadgets and put them in the provided carry-in-bag when they are dirty.

Stash your toiletries

This is for bathrooms other than the master. If you have a guest bathroom in your home, you can stash various kinds of toiletries to help your guest stay clean. Put it in a cabinet or even in a ceramic sink to keep the cabinet or sink clean. Make sure it is out of sight until you use it.

Take quick measures toward home cleaning. Follow these tips before you reach for the spray bottle. With the tips above, you can spend less time on home cleaning and finish your to-do list much faster.

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