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The Importance of IT Certifications

In addition to the specific certifications mentioned above, there are several others that can provide excellent job leads. While it’s impossible to list an exhaustive list, a few of the most popular IT certifications are:

  • Digital literacy certificate
  • Certified Internet Webmaster certificate
  • Microsoft Certified Program Specialist (MCAP)
  • Digital Equipment Rep Certification (UE)
  • stringent security Analyst (SSA)
  • National Technical Certification for Web Development (NTCD-Web)

All of these SDET job skills certifications identify the professional as having the skill set to work in a technical environment, which is important for every business person. Whether you are looking for a career as a base or end-user in a health care or computing company, or as a senior IT manager or coder in an IT department, having these MCAP and SSA certifications will enhance your distinct ability to share your talent with others.

What about the specific qualifications for a given job? If you’re looking for a position as a technical architect, for example, you can’t simply ask what technical skills are required for the job. You have to examine the specific job description to discover the skills that are listed. The same is true in all career fields. To pick the MCAP certification, you need to look at a few items in particular. The first would be the specific job information you are seeking (for example, a job description for a systems analyst might require knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning); the next would be the level of certification you want (for example, an E-rate large system analyst would need knowledge of SOX); and the finally, the location (I found a great deal of this in the SOX certification listing).

All fields of IT work require a fair amount of education, training and experience. One of the most important American IT certifications is the CompTIA A+ Certification, which is a prerequisite for many of the IT positions including those with the prime responsibility of system and network administration. The A+ Certification is offered through Pearson VUE. The educational requirements for the Bachelors Certificate in computer science or IT are 140 hours. The educational requirements for the Masters Degree in computer science or IT are typically completed in about 24 months. The computing technology field is continually changing in response to the needs of a changing marketplace and programmers need to be able to keep up.

For those technicians who are able to bring themselves into compliance with the A+ Certification standards, they will be able to find a wealth of learning opportunities that will permit faster skill learning and a higher level of Professional certification, as well as open up new opportunities for Professional and Career advancement.

The primary goal of the IT Technician is to ensure that the systems and networks are working properly and that all employees are safe and secure. The primary goal of the IT Technician is to ensure that the systems and networks of all organizations are conducting business in a manner that protects the United States of America and our core values of liberty, markets, and due process. For more information visit:http://www.JobPerks.com

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